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Leaders see the invisible and believe in the impossible

John Nguyen

Meet Dr. John

Dr. John is an Executive Performance Leadership Coach hired by ambitious leaders who work hard and are under tremendous pressure to deliver results. We work together to figure out what’s getting in the way, so we can quickly create better balance and more significant success. John’s authentic and caring persona is also tough in holding leaders to think differently about how they perform and perceived. His interactive approach keeps audiences engaged, and his message forces leaders to come face-to-face with themselves and tell the truth about how they are showing up.

Dr. John’s Top Core Values & Beliefs 


Core Values

  • Faith

  • Family

  • Freedom

  • Integrity


Core beliefs

  • People want to be treated with fairness

  • Learning never ends

  • Change starts when the pain of staying the same is too great

  • Relationship is the “grease” in the engines of our life

  • Influence does not come from your position

  • Regrets are the most considerable pain in life

  • Your attitude determines your altitude

  • Pain is not permanent

  • You can’t change others, only yourself

  • Sustain our judgment because we do not know the cross others are carrying

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